What is Fire Casting?

Fire Casting is a community of podcasters who want get noticed and help others improve their podcast. We are for people who are beginners, who are looking to make their first podcast, to experienced podcasters looking to get noticed.

What’s Next for Fire Casting?

Hosting. The hardest part of podcasting is finding a reliable place to host your podcast and RSS feed. The second hardest part is affording it. Fire Casting plans to be extremely cheap.

Who Can Join?

Eventually, anybody. Right now we are reaching out to podcasters by individually. If you would like to join, send an email to hello@firecasting.com. I appologize if this method is inconvenient, but it is in everyone’s best interest that Fire Casting scales with its expanding userbase.

Who Owns The Podcasts?

The podcasters. Fire Casting only claims ownership to this site and the Fire Casting logo. Everything else is 100% owned by the podcasters and we never claim otherwise.

Who Made This?

Fire Casting is made and designed by, me, Jake Bilbrey at Debonaire Co. along with consulting friends and fellow podcasters. I have also worked on such projects as Tellgram and Call for Me.

Keep In Touch

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Questions? Concerns? Feel free to send an email to hello@firecasting.com.